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Make Fabric Flowers

Create fabric flowers with these easy tutorials.


Fabric flowers make a great addition to any simple shirt. But just as there are many varieties of flowers in nature, fabric flowers are made using very different methods of construction. Here are some of the best fabric flower tutorials from celebrated crafty bloggers.

(Need help? Ask Rain on Facebook and post photos of your fabric flowers!)

1. Upcycled T-Shirt Scrap Rosettes

Fabric Flowers to Make
Rain Blanken
As we are working on t-shirt transformations, it is easy to accumulate lots of scrap sleeves, collars and other lengths of fabric. Luckily, these can easily be turned into cute rosettes with a few folds and some minimal stitching.

2. Ribbon and Button Daisies from Hope Studios

Ribbon and Button Daisies
Hope Studios

You can turn eight pieces of ribbon and a single button into playful daisies that look great in bunches. Try mixing up your button and ribbon combinations for some interesting bouquets.

3. Frayed Flower from Maize Hutton

Frayed Fabric Flower
Maize Hutton

This simple tutorial will show you how to sitch raw fabric as you roll it to create a fabric flower that can be pinned to any garment. Thanks, Maize!

4. Lots of Petals from Sew Ritzy

Pointed Fabric Flowers
Sew Ritzy

This flower has layers of pointed petals to create a water lily look. Stitch the petals individually, lash them together, then use a button to hide your seams.

5. Layered Petals from Wise Craft

Layered Primrose
Wise Craft

This fabric flower is made from using the provided templates, and cleverly layering them to create a primrose-like flower. There is minimal stitching in this one, and the button in the middle is optional for hiding the few stitches.

6. Messy Rosettes by Grace Violet

Rosette Fabric Flowers
Grace Violet

I love this tutorial because it is just so simple and yeilds cute little rosettes from a bunch of 'messy circles'. There is even a little cutie pie model at the end with a design suggestion.

7. No-Sew Rolled Fabric Flower from My Sparkle

Rolled Fabric Flowers
Danielle of My Sparkle

Danielle of My Sparkle has taken scrap fabric and breathed new life into it with these rolled fabric roses. The best part is that you don't need to know a stitch of sewing to make them. Just have lots of glue on-hand!

8. Giant Flower from Head Hugger

Giant Fabric Flower
Head Hugger

These huge flowers are made by cutting out indiviudal petals, then adding embellishments to the center. They are great for hats, as shown, or to turn into large brooches.

9. Realistic Peony Clips from Make it Do

Peony Clips
Make it Do

These realistic peony-style fabric flowers are made using a length of ribbon. They would work wonderfully for formal occassions.

10. Fabric Corsage from The Object Project

Fabric Corsage
The Object Project

This simple corsage adds in a couple of leaves for added effect. It is easy and fun enough to create a set for friends, or as Leigh Ann suggests, make one for mom. Moms love fabric and flowers.

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