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7 DIY Looks for Your Summer Vacation

Hippie Fashion

Before you leave for distant shores, hone your relaxed look with these easy DIY projects from Rain Blanken.

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DIY Fashion Spotlight10

DIY Iron-On Letter Shirt Tutorial

Get the latest look when you create this 'drop-out' shirt with Rain's iron-on letter shirt tutorial.

DIY Bleached Shorts Tutorial

In this DIY bleached shorts tutorial, Rain shows us how to get this PacSun look for less.

Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial: Summer Glam

Create this day-to-night summer eyeshadow look with this easy eyshadow tutorial from Rain Blanken.

Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial: Wishing Star

In this eyeshadow tutorial, Rain shows us how to create a dreamy summer look with Orglamix cosmetics.

Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial: Girl's Night

Rain creates a fun look for hot summer nights with Orglamix eyeshadow and this simple step-by-step eyeshadow tutorial.

Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial: Glitterati

In this summer eyeshadow tutorial, Rain shows us how to blend pink, purple and green hues from Orglamix to create a whimsical summer look.

DIY Painted Heels Tutorial - Star Wars Painted Heels

Learn how to paint heels with this Star Wars painted heels tutorial from Rain Blanken, admirer of R2 and DIY Fashion Expert.

My Zipper Pull is Broken. How Can I Fix It?

A DIY Fashion reader asks, 'My Zipper Pull is Broken. How Can I Fix It?' Rain explains how to replace a broken zipper pull in her photo tutorial.

Zipper Repair: Zipper Won't Stay Up

If your zipper won't stay up, try this quick hack, and a more permanent fix to whip your zipper into shape. Back to work, zipper!

Fix a Stuck Zipper

Learn how to fix a stuck zipper in a jiffy with this quick pencil trick from Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion expert.

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