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Resin Jewelry

Learn how to make resin jewelry with video tutorials.

What is Resin?
Learn what resin or two-part epoxy is, and how it is used in jewelry making.

Blue Resin and Crystal Hoop Earrings
Use blue resin to create a hoop around crystal with this simple photo tutorial.

How to Make Resin Beads
Create simple resin beads with this complete photo tutorial.

Brass and Aqua Resin Earrings
Mount aqua resin pieces, then mount them to a brass fitting for these sparkling earrings.

Use Resin Beads in Woven Macrame
Use a simple macrame knot with your resin beads to create a basic necklace.

Make a Glitter and Resin Star
Create glitter and resin stars to use as beads or pins.

Halloween Resin Cabochons
Learn how to make Halloween cabs using stickers and resin.

Video: How to Make Resin Jewelry
n this video from YouTube user 'pixelnoggin', we learn his method for making resin jewelry. You need to have pewter pendants and rings on hand, which he has offered to sell online. I'm sure that you can find an old pendant, wrench out what's there, and use that just as well.

VIdeo: How to Sand Resin
In this video, Cindy from Resin Obsession shows us various methods of sanding resin jewelry.

Video: How to Cast Resin Rings
In this video from Becky Stern of Make magazine, you will be shown how to cast rings in resin.

DIY Diva: Antoinette O'Neill
DIY Diva Antoinette O'Neill shares her sizzling set of comics and vintage prints set in resin.

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