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Recycling and Upcycled Fashion

Recycled and upcycled fashion is a great way to reinvent clothing that you would otherwise have to throw away. Here are some free projects to renew your wardrobe with recycled and upcycled fashion.
  1. Fabric Patches and Applique
  2. Recycled and Upcycled Accessories (33)
  3. Free Patches and Applique (0)
  4. Fashion from Recycled Materials (4)
  5. Recycled and Upcycled Clothing (16)

Pressed Coin Bracelet
Use a few simple tools to turn souvenir pressed coins into a cool memory bracelet.

Uses for Embroidery Hoops
Embroidery hoops are essential for a variety of projects that require holding a piece of fabric. Check out these alternative uses for embroidery hoops.

Ask Rain: What Do I Do with these Old T-Shirts?
A wife is desperate for advice on what to do with her husband's old t-shirts. Rain provides the solution...

T-Shirt Embroidery Hoop Art
Save your favorite designs from old t-shirts. Easily recycle that t-shirt into wall art with an embroidery hoop.

What is Upcycling?
What is upcycling and what is the difference between upcycling and recycling?

Fused Plastic Bag Projects and Instructions
See fused plastic creations by talented artisans and learn how to make your own fused plastic. Fused plastic is a great way to recycle and add some futuristic style to your wardrobe.

Most Popular Recycled Fashions
When an article of clothing is worn or out of style, use it over agian to create hip and fun new style. Check out these free projects to renew your wardrobe with recycled DIY fashion.

Easy Ways to Recycle Clothes
Recycled DIY Fashion is a great way to reuse clothing that you would otherwise have to throw away. Here are some free projects to renew your wardrobe with recycled DIY fashion.

Sew a Heart Patch on Your Pants
Learn how to sew an applique heart patch onto your clothing with these easy step-by-step instructions.

DIY Back to School Fashion
Going back to school is always exciting, but it also means one very big thing: Everyone expects you to have a new set of duds. While you may be able to buy a few cute pieces for this year, it isn't easy to replace your whole wardrobe! Here are some tips to recycle, diguise and otherwise reinvent the styles you loved last year.

Credit Card Earring Tutorial
Make a pair of credit card earrings with this step-by-step credit card earring tutorial from DIY Fashion Expert, Rain Blanken

Upcycled Jewelry Tutorials
Upcycled jewelry tutorials to turn junk into stylish jewels by Rain Blanken, your DIY Fashion Expert.

10 Upcycled T-Shirt Tutorials
10 Upcycled t-shirt tutorials to turn t-shirts into bags, dresses, tops and even quilts from your DIY Fashion Expert, Rain Blanken.

5 Ways to Upcycle Sheets
Learn 5 ways to upcycle sheets and other bedding into high fashion with these easy tutorials from DIY Fashion expert, Rain Blanken.

3 Disney-Inspired DIY Fashion Projects
Check out these three Disney-Inspired styles, including a Buzz Lightyear necklace, Star Wars heels, and Disney Visa earrings.

Easy Yarn Projects
These seven yarn projects are easy to master, even for beginners. Use up your spare yarn with these easy yarn projects.

7 DIY Looks for Your Summer Vacation
Before you take off, check out these 5 DIY Looks for Your Summer Vacation from Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion expert.

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