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Necklace Projects for Beginners

Necklace projects for beginners. Make your own DIY Fashion with these free necklace projects.
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  3. Beadwork Necklace Tutorials

Holly and Ivy Beaded Pendant
Create a festive holiday pendant using seed beads and a few findings. From our Guide to Beadwork.

How to Make Pendants
Pendants make great gifts for all occasions. You can make your own pendants with these complete photo tutorials.

Easy Polymer Clay Pendant - Easy Rubber Stamp and Polymer Clay Pendant
Learn how to make a simple pendant out of polymer clay. Our Guide to Rubber Stamping will show you how.

Gothic Choker
How to make a gothic choker. Tips and tricks on making a gothic choker.

How to Make a Hemp Necklace
How to make a hemp necklace. Learn to macrame and how to make a hemp necklace. Make hemp jewelry with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Project DIY Baroque N' Roll Review
Rain creates a DIY statement necklace for spring with Project DIY's Cold as Ice set.

Raku Bead and Hemp Necklace Tutorial
This necklace has the earthy flavor of the hemp as a stringing medium but the classy touch of lampwork and metal beads. From your Guide to Jewelry Making, Tammy Powley.

Beaded Necklaces and Beaded Amulet Bags
Many free beading patterns for a variety of beaded necklace and beaded amulet bag projects using a variety of beading stitches and beading techniques. Direct to you from Paula S. Morgan, your Guide to Beadwork.

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