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Make a Purse out of a Jeans


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Make a Purse out of Jeans
Make a Purse from a Pair of Jeans

Make a Purse from a Pair of Jeans

I get this question a lot: How do you make a purse out of jeans?

This popular bag is made from the booty of a pair of jeans. Known as the ‘booty bag’, it already comes with lots of pockets to hold just about everything. This is a great way to recycle old pants or shorts into something new and chic. Follow these simple directions to make your own ‘booty bag’. (More uses for old jeans)

You will need:

  • A pair of jeans -Use jeans that you don’t mind cutting up. The condition of the legs doesn’t matter, but the backside and front should be in good condition. Make sure your jeans have belt loops.


  • A Sweet Belt- Your purse will be ‘wearing’ this belt.
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
  • Sewing Needle and Thread
  • (Optional)Sewing Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk
Now you are ready to get started.

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