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Free Heart Stencils

Heart stencils for your patch and spray paint projects.


These printable heart stencils are perfect for making a patch, screen printing a shirt, or even spray painting a jewelry box.

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1. Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Hearts
Rain Blanken
These rainbow hearts are in a few different sizes and can be made in any color you want.

2. Double Hearts

Double Hearts
Rain Blanken
A heart outline and a solid heart are useful for most love-inspired projects.

3. Hearts and Star

Hearts and Star
Rain Blanken
These hearts can be arranged on top of or next to the larger star in this pattern.

4. Valentine Heart

Valentines Heart
Rain Blanken
Here we have a heart with a fancy doily pattern that will fit around it. this one is perfect if you are planning to embroider someone's name in the middle of the heart. Also great for spray painting back pockets.

5. Wacky Stabbed Heart

Stabbed Heart
Rain Blanken
Hey, love hurts. This silly heart lightens the subject of romance with a wiggly arrow and a little bit of blood.

6. Heart and Arrow

Heart and Arrow
Rain Blanken
A traditional heart with an arrow through it.

7. Target Hearts

Target Hearts
Rain Blanken
These sweet hearts form a target so that your potential love is sure not to miss an opportunity. I suggest trying two different colors when you're working with this one.

8. Broken Heart

Broken Heart
Rain Blanken
This two-toned heart looks best in contrasting colors, or any color and black. This one can be made in any size, but I've made the pattern over-sized to make it easier to sew.

9. 7 Sweet Fairy Patches

Fairy Stencils
Rain Blanken
I had to include these fairy patch patterns because they are so sweet and I just couldn't keep them away from the hearts.

10. Stencils in Action: Valentines Day Party Hats

Valentines Day hats
Rain Blanken

Check out these heart stencils going to work on these free printable Valentines Day party hats. Print your hats, then learn how to decorate them with feathers, glitter and fountain toppers to become true party accessories.

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