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T-Shirt Surgery

Hack it Up, then Dress it Up. Doctor You, report to the ER.


In a closet, or in a pile, we all have a stash of t-shirts. I bet half of them aren't even in your size. Why do we go out and painstakingly try on clothes, but keep so many t-shirts that don't fit?

The answer is because they're cheap and turn you into a walking billboard about your personality, favorite band, or where your family went for vacation last year. In fact, if you don't go out and buy a t-shirt, a cheerleader is likely to shoot one at you.

Since you can't help accumulating tee's, turn them into something that actually looks good on you.

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1. The Braided Trident Racerback

Upcycled T-Shirt Transformation
Rain Blanken
This fitted t-shirt transformation has a polished look to it. By braiding the edges, the fabric is pulled in for the perfect fit... no flaps or hanging on this project. If you are looking for a well-fitting, finished t-shirt project, this is it.

Design by Rain Blanken

2. Turn a T-Shirt into a Tube Top

T-Shirt Tube Top
Rain Blanken

Tube tops are great for party nights or just keeping cool during the summer. Here, I had a Harry Potter t-shirt that only came in a size Large. After turning it into a tube top, it was the perfect fit for my sister.

3. Make a Purse Out of Tank Tops

Tank Top Bag
Rain Blanken

Tank tops are a great summer ally, but sometimes they can lose their shape after repeated washings or even shrink. If you've got a tank that doesn't quite fit anymore, you can still put it to good use. This tutorial will show you how to make a reversible tank top tote using two tank tops, or a tank top and a t-shirt.

4. Baby Doll Shirt

Make Baby Doll Shirt
Rain Blanken
Change up a t-shirt to make a baby doll shirt that is flattering to the bust line and can even cover a little extra tummy you're still trying to work off.

5. Upcycled T-Shirt Scrap Rosettes

Upcycled T-Shirt Rosettes
Rain Blanken
Using a scrap sleeve from my braided trident racerback design, I created some cute rosettes that require just a few folds and some stitching that will be easy for beginners. these have a lot of impact for just a bit of work.

6. Girls Summer Dress from a T-Shirt

Girl's t-shirt dress
Create a cute dress for a little girl that is perfect for those hot summer months. In this video, you'll learn how to clip, stitch and add ribbon to this easy transformation.

7. Turn a T-Shirt Sleeve into a Fingerless Glove

Fingerless Gloves
Rain Blanken
Fingerless gloves make a statement or just keep your hands warm. We are going to use a t-shirt sleeve to make this quick pair of fingerless gloves.

8. Fitted T-Shirt Tank Top

T-Shirt Tank Top
Rain Blanken
Now you can wear any t-shirt, no matter what size it is. Make a large t-shirt fit you better, or simple spice up an old tee that has lost it's appeal. This tank top is laced up the sides to offer a perfect fit every time.

9. Stitch an Over-Under Skirt

t-Shirt Skirt
Rain Blanken
With this t-shirt skirt, the collar and sleeve seams are left intact so that you can show off the fact that the skirt used to be a t-shirt. It is also longer than most t-shirt skirts and uses the bottom hem of the t-shirt as a drawstring casing to minimize sewing!

10. Make a Halter Top Out of a T-Shirt

T-Shirt Halter Top
Rain Blanken
How do you make a halter top? Just take your t-shirt to a daring new level. This halter top gives your shirt a more feminine shape, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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