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Make a Corset Top


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Lace the Back, add Embellishments
Corset Top Instructions

Lace your ribbon or material through.

Rain Blanken
Lace up the back with a length of ribbon, scarf or strip of fabric. 40" to 60" is a good length. Start at the bottom and lace it just like a sneaker.


  • Tips and Additions
  • Use light colored fabrics for a fun hot weather look. One of my favorite styles is yellow side panels with a cherry patterned front panel.
  • Make a bow to go on the side of the front. Use the same ribbon or material you used to lace up the back.
  • Make a wristband out of the ribbon that will match your corset top. make your wristband out of a tube sock.
  • Use two kinds of ribbon to lace up the back. Black lace and pink ribbon look great together. Experiment with colors and textures.
  • This is a great look year round. Throw on a wrap in the fall and winter. You can make one yourself out of a shirt.
  • Try adding an appliqué patch anywhere on the corset top. Good places are on the bottom of the left or right sides. Get a safety pin and try a few places in the mirror before you sew. Check our our library of appliqué patches.

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