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Make a Corset Top


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Measure and Stitch the Panels.
Corset Top Instructions

Measure sew panels together.

Rain Blanken


  • Bust Width measurement: Measure around your bust line. Add 1" to for seam allowance.
  • Corset Length measurement: Measure from your armpit to your waist. Add 1" to for seam allowance.

The front of your corset top will use a bright panel of fabric. Use 9" for your front panel width if your Bust Width measurement is between 28" and 32". If you have a larger bust, use 11". Cut a rectangle of fabric that is your Corset Length measurement by your front panel size. This should be cut from your bright or patterned fabric.

  • Example: 12" Corset Length measurement by 9".

Now to measure the width of your side panels. Subtract the width of your front panel from your above Bust Width measurement.

  • Example: Your bust measurement is 36", - 9" for front panel = 27".

Subtract another 4"-6". This depends on how open you want the back of your corset top. To show more back, subtract more from the measurement.

  • Example: You have 27" after subtracting the front panel. Subtract another 4" from this measurement to show 4" of of skin across your back. 27" - 4" =23". This new number is your Side Panel measurement.

You will now cut your Corset Length measurement by Side Panel measurement. Use a fabric that is solid to contrast with your bright, patterned front panel. Once this is cut, fold it in half and cut it up the middle so that you have two pieces.

Lay your pieces out like the illustration above. Stitch each side panel to the front panel. Be sure to zigzag stitch after your straight stitch to keep your raw edges from unraveling.

Now you are ready to hem the edges.

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