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5 Ways to Turn Jeans into a Skirt

Learn how to turn an old pair of jeans into a skirt with these simple tutorials.


Once Summer rolls around, chances are you aren't going to want to slip into a pair of long-legged jeans. Instead of simply hacking off the legs for a pair of cutoffs, try these methods for turning jeans into a fabulous skirt. It's a great way to recycle old jeans, or just reinvent your look.

1. Turn Jeans and a Tank into a Layered Skirt

Rain Blanken
Create a layered skirt using a pair of old jeans and a stylish tank top. It's an easy sewing project with infinite possibilities.

2. Turn Jeans into a Short Skirt

Turn Jeans into a Skirt
Debbie Colgrove
Debbie Colgrove, our Guide to Sewing, has step-by-step instructions for making a simple mini-skirt out of old jeans.

3. Add Fabric to Turn Jeans into a Skirt

Turn Jeans into a Skirt
Erin Huffstetler
Erin Huffstetler, our Guide to Frugal Living shows us how to insert fabric to add a splash of color to a jeans skirt. You can add any fabric, so this is a great way to customize your skirt.

4. Baggy jeans Skirt

Turn Jeans into a Skirt
For a wider jeans skirt, you can split the jeans all the way up the back and insert fabric from the legs to make it wider. This makes for a more modest skirt that swishes at the hips.

5. Pleated Ruffle Jeans Skirt

Denim Ruffle Skirt
This cute jeans skirt variation has a pleated ruffle on the bottom that is easy to add to any denim jeans skirt project.

6. More Ways to Use Old Jeans

Jeans Pocket Purse
Erin Huffstetler
Not only can you make a sweet skirt out of old jeans,but you can also craft a purse, a bracelet... even a yoga bag. Check out all these easy ways to reuse your jeans.

7. More How-To Skirts

How-To Skirts
Rain Blanken
Tailor your prom dress or just make a skirt shorter. With these free skirt projects, you can put together skirts from scratch or liven up the one you've got.

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