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How to Macrame - Make a Square Knot


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Make the First Tie
How to Tie a Square Knot

The first tie in a square knot.

Lay four strands of twine together. Your twine should be securely attached to a key ring using a larks head knot.

I like to think of the different strands as kinds of ants. The two middle strands are drones (Shown in red.). They do nothing but sit around. You won’t be moving them. The two outside strands are worker ants (Shown in blue and white). They’ll be running around the drones the entire time.

Lift the left worker (blue), and lay it loosely over the two drones. Take the right worker (white), and lay it under the two drones. Now pull the end of the left worker through loop made by the right worker.

Now pull the end of the right worker, through loop made by the left worker. Pull the knot so that it is snug. This is much like the first step in tying your shoes.

Now you can make the second tie.

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