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How-To Make a Pop Tab Bracelet


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Thread the Third Starter Tab
Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

Thread both sides of the ribbon through the third tab.

Rain Blanken
This is a trick for adding the third tab that will immediately form the basis for your threading pattern. The two tabs you have added should be at the middle of your ribbons. Fold the ribbons in half as shown.

Thread both ends of the top ribbon through the top hole on the face of the new tab. Thread both ends of the bottom ribbon through the bottom hole. Pull the ribbons and scoot the tab so that is is situated behind the first two tabs. Unfold the ribbons and pull them in opposite directions. Compare your results to the above photo. You now have two 'top' tabs and one 'bottom' tab.

Your pattern has started to take shape and the ribbon is held firmly in place. Working from the middle also means that your ribbon will go through less wear as you thread on the tabs.

Now we will begin the threading pattern that you will follow throughout the rest of the bracelet. Let's start the pattern.

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