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How to Macrame - Make a Larks Head Knot


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Measure and Cut the Twine
how to Make a Lark's Head Knot

Measure the right amount of twine.

You will make one lark’s head knot for every basic macramé project. Your hands will be busy, so you need something to hold the twine while you work with it.The lark’s head knot is simply used to attach your project to a key ring. This is important because you will want to be able to pull the twine tightly to make your finished product sturdy.

For a Basic Hemp Necklace, you will need two short strands, and two longer strands of hemp. The longer strands will wrap around the short strands. First, wrap the twine around your wrist or neck, approximating the size of the finished bracelet or necklace.

  • Take this measurement, add 2" to allow for tying off.
  • Multiply this number by two. Measure and cut this much hemp for your short strands.
  • Multiply the previous measurement by two. This is how much hemp you will need to cut for the longer strands.
  • Example: if your necklace needed to be 14" when finished:

    Each of the short strands should be 16". We added 2" to the original 14" to allow for tying off. 16" + 16" = 32". The strands that will wrap around these need to be twice as long, or 64".

Find the center of each of the two strands and fold in half. Put the folded points together.

Now you are ready to tie a quick lark's head knot.

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