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How Do I Make Fingerless Gloves?


Finglerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Question: How Do I Make Fingerless Gloves?

"My gloves make it impossible to use my cellphone in the winter. Besides snipping the fingers off of my knit gloves, how can I make my own fingerless gloves at home?"

Answer: Fingerless gloves are great for keeping your palms warm and fingers free, and look great on a layered outfit. Here are some easy fingerless glove tutorials to get you started.

Follow these easy instructions and make your own fingerless gloves in just a few minutes.

At Antimony and Lace, learn how to cut gloves and sew them from scratch, including how to take your arm measurements. Making fingerless gloves or arm warmers is easy if you have a long-sleeved shirt that you are willing to cut up.

You can knit a pair of fingerless gloves using this free pattern from Sarah E. White.

Try one of these easy fingerless glove tutorials, or check out these other ways to make whole gloves and mittens.

Did you make a pair of fingerless gloves? We would love to see them! Upload a photo and it could be featured on our blog and Facebook page.

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