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DIY Prom Clothes

Make a prom dress, prom jewelry and prom accessories.


Prom can really take a bite out of your budget. But do you have to spend wads of cash to look hot? I don't think so. Here are plenty of free ways to look sweet this prom season.

1. Alter a Prom Dress to Custom Fit

Resize a Dress
Rain Blanken
Shop the thrift stores for a dress that doesn't fit you, then alter it to your size. This expands your dress possibilities and saves money on a tailoring bill.
    I'll show you how to:
  • Let out a dress
  • Make a dress smaller
  • Shorten a skirt
  • Put a side slit in a skirt

2. How to Tie a Bowtie

How to Tie a Bowtie
Getty Images
A bowtie, though old-fashioned, makes you look classy whether you’re Dr. Who, Bill Nye, or just somebody's prom date. Follow my mirror-image diagram and instructions to achieve that Bruce Wayne-level of sophistication.

3. Four Ways to Tie a Necktie

How to Tie a Necktie
Getty Images
Learn four different necktie knots with my easy-reference illustrations. I've even got celebrity examples of each knot.

The images in these tutorials are mirror images, so you'll be ready to stand in front of the mirror and see exactly what is pictured here.

4. Free Dress Patterns

coffee dress pattern
copyright Burda Style
I've collected some of the best free dress patterns from across the web. Simply print out the pattern and follow the instructions. These hot dresses range from easy to average sewing difficulty.

5. Win a Scholarship, Make a Duct Tape Dress

How To Duct Tape Dress
Rain Blanken
A duct tape dress is not only a quirky way to show up for the prom, it's also a chance at a college scholarship. Duck Brand Duct Tape runs an annual contest for crafty couples who construct their own formal attire out of the company's tape.

6. Knit a Necktie

Knit Neckties
This is an unconventional look for the guys. I have 8 different knit necktie patterns for you to try.

7. Sew a Clutch

clutch purse
Debbie Colgrove
Many clutch style purses are just too small to carry the things you need! Here's one that is small but has room to carry the essentials. From our Guide to Sewing.

8. Turn Chopsticks into Hair Sticks

how to hair sticks
Rain Blanken
Turn a pair of everyday chopsticks into glimmering hair sticks. It only takes a few minutes and can make for an elegant look.

9. Make Gemstone and Pearl Bracelets

leaf bracelet
Tammy Powley
String up some beautiful bracelets using gemstone and pearl beads. Here are 6 different bracelets you can make from our Guide to Jewelry Making.

10. Elastic Bead Bracelets

power bracelet
Tammy Powley
Learn the tips and tricks to stringing up elastic bead bracelets with this variety of designs. From our Guide to Jewelry Making.

11. Bead and Wire Earrings to Make

butterfly earrings
Tammy Powley
Two perfect jewelry making combinations - wire and beads - add them together to come up with a huge assortment of earring projects. Here are lots of wire and bead earrings, using materials such as gemstones, crystals, and precious metals to get you started. From our Guide to Jewelry Making.
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