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How to Tie a Tie - 4 Different Ways to Tie a Tie


How to Tie a Tie - 4 Easy Ways
How to Tie a Tie - 4 Easy Ways

Clockwise: Robert Downey Jr. wears a four-in hand knot; Justin Timberlake wears a Pratt knot; Johnny Depp wears a half-Windsor knot; Will Smith wears a Windsor knot.

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Do you know how to tie a tie?

Special occasions and job interviews are stressful enough without worry about tying your necktie. Learn four different necktie knots with my easy-reference illustrations. I've even got celebrity examples of each knot.

The images in these tutorials are mirror images, so you'll be ready to stand in front of the mirror and see exactly what is pictured here.

  • On Robert Downey Jr: the four-in-hand knot. There are very few steps in tying this knot; the four-in-hand is often taught first to children. The severe slant makes this a stylish knot, and the small amount of knotting makes it great for tall frames.

    Conan O'Brien, Bill Murray, Aziz Ansari, Seth Green and Michael Cera will show you how to tie this one. Tie the four-in-hand and see more celebrity examples...

  • On Justin Timberlake: the Pratt knot. This is a symmetrical necktie knot that appears more neat and stylish than the old-fashioned Windsor knot.

    Ellen Degeneres, Ben Stiller, Joel McHale, and Nathan Fillion are here to help you with the Pratt. Tie the Pratt and see more celebrity examples...

  • On Will Smith: the Windsor knot. The Windsor is one of the more complicated necktie knots, and also the most old-fashioned. The wide bulk of the Windsor makes it an aggressive knot choice.

    Brad Pitt, Jeremy Piven and David Beckham are also fans of this knot. Tie the full Windsor and see more celebrity examples..

  • On Johnny Depp: the half-Windsor knot. The half-Windsor is probably the most popular way to tie a necktie. This is a slightly slanted knot that doesn't carry the weight of a full Windsor.

    Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Zach Galifianakis will show you how to wear it. Tie the half-Windsor and see more celebrity examples...

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