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Yarn Hair Pieces

Get this $25.00 Look for Free


Yarn Hair Piece

Yarn Party Hair

Rain Blanken
Yarn hair pieces are great fun to wear to parties or as a part of a costume.

I recently found these yarn hair pieces selling for $25.00 at a local fair. The thing is, it doesn't cost nearly that much to make these, and they only take a few minutes to put together. Make you own yarn hair extensions with these materials and just a few minutes.

Get a few different kinds of yarn. This can be bought cheap at a local department store. The one I am trying on in this photo uses yellow, white, blue and green yarns of different textures. You will also need a pony-tail holder type of hair elastic.

Simply cut the yarn to twice the desired length. Lay your strands of yarn together, being sure to mix your colors well. Thread your bundle of yarn through the hair elastic until the elastic it at the middle of the strands. Fold the yarn over the side of the hair elastic. Tie an extra piece of yarn or a rubber band around your bundled yarn, just after the hair elastic to keep it in place.

Well, that was easy. You can use these for dressing up any costume, or just wearing out for fun. Try making two short poofs for pigtails.

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