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Make a Pair of Boot Toppers

Create a new look for your boots, no cobbling skills required.


Make a Pair of Boot Toppers
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Savvy boot style can happen in a matter of minutes when you revamp a pair of old boots with a soft boot topper. Boot toppers are like a sleeve that slip onto the top of your boot, giving them a whole new identity. Here are the best boot topper how-to's from our crafty kindred.


  • Free Knit Boot Topper Patterns
  • Quick Short Boot Toppers by Creative Knitting: These remind me of the fancy little cuffs on shirts that were all the rage in the 1700's. Okay, maybe that's just me. These are perfect for short boots.


  • Fancy Boot Toppers: Another short boot topper, these are thick and bear a coiled crisscross pattern, with ribbing on the inside to keep them in place. This is a very simple pattern that is great for the beginning knitter.


  • Evergreen Tree Boot Toppers from Kertasnikir: These knit pattern includes a chart to add what Bob Ross would call a few 'happy little trees' all along the tops of your boots. This is a great pattern for a holiday look, and is versatile enough to sport all winter.
  • Free Crochet Boot Topper Patterns
  • Big Fluffy Boot Toppers from RedHeart: Well, the good news is that Big Bird is probably making some royalty dough off of this pattern. These ringed boot toppers are sure to turn any pair of boots into a statement. I'd try this one in snowy white and beige yarns instead of the cotton candy colors shown.


  • Crochet Boot Cuffs from Posh Pooch Designs: Although known for her custom crocheted dog clothes, Sara has come up with a super quick pattern for making short boot toppers. This is one designed with beginners in mind, involving just a few different kinds of stitches.


  • Funky Spats from RedHeart: This is what I want when I'm looking for a boot cover. A spat kind of cover that changes the look of a pair of boots that I'm just not in love with anymore. This is an easy level pattern.


  • Lace-Up Boot Covers from Dawning Dreams: Another spat-type, this pattern laces up the front. I love the idea of incorporating a ribbon into the design.
  • Quick Sew Boot Toppers
  • Sweater Boot Toppers by In His Grip: Here, sweater sleeves are cut and stitched to make bulky toppers that slide under the boot. Like leg warmers, but just for showing off above the boot. There is minimal sewing involved in this project, and some great inspiration for adding buttons.


  • Boot Snuggies by Paisley Boulevard: These are an under-the-boot style that are a mix between leg warmers and boot toppers. These are made using thin sweater sleeves, but I imaging you could use a long-sleeved t-shirt for this method as well. You can dress up the top with a ribbon, beads, buttons, anything that will show above the top of the boot. This one is a no-sew project, and there is even a tip for turning the bottom of the sweater into a matching cowl.
  • Trimming Your Toppers
  • Fabric Flowers: Create one of these many different kinds of fabric flowers. Which one is perfect to top your boots? A few stitches will hold them on, or you can use clips for to change it up for all seasons.
  • Brooches: Pins and brooches are a very quick way to add style and glitter to your boot toppers.
  • How to Sew on a Button: Big sassy buttons look so cute on the side of boot toppers. Learn which stitch is right for the type of buttons you have.

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