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Make Bags and Accessories

Great DIY Accessories. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own unique accessories.
  1. DIY Jewelry Making
  2. Free Patches and Applique
  3. Gloves and Mittens (9)
  4. Hats (27)
  5. Headbands (20)
  6. Scarves (11)
  7. Bags and Purses (30)

Make a Capri Sun Bag
Stitch together a series of drink pouches to create a bag that is funky and refreshing. I'll show you how in this complete step-by-step photo tutorial.

Make a Pair of Glitter Heels
Ever want to make a pair of ruby slippers? Learn how to make glitter heel shoes with this complete photo tutorial.

Make a TARDIS Phone Case
Create a cool TARDIS cellphone case for iphones, Droids and other smartphones using simple felt, glue and embroidery techniques.

4 Ways to Tie a Necktie
Hot date? Job interview? Learn how to tie a necktie with this complete photo tutorial.

How to Do Reuse Plastic Bags?
How to Do Reuse Plastic Bags?

How to Fuse Plastic Bags - Plastic Bag Fusing Tutorial
How to Fuse Plastic Bags into a Purse. Learn how to make a purse using fused grocery bags.

How-To Belts
A belt is one of the most basic accessories, and if you can make your own, then you've got endless opportunities for coordinating your wardrobe. Here are some easy instructions to make your own belts.

Make a Belt
Make a belt. Learn how to make a simple belt with this complete photo tutorial.

Make a Jeweled Belt
Make a Jeweled Belt. Learn how to add jewels to your belt to make a dazzling new accessory.

How-To Duct Tape Wallet
How-To Duct Tape Wallet. Learn how to make a duct tape wallet with this complete photo tutorial.

Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Purse
Make a Breast Cancer Bra Purse. Raise awareness about breast cancer with this purse made from any bra.

How-To Bra Purse
Learn how to make a purse out of a bra with this complete photo tutorial from Rain Blanken, your Expert in DIY Fashion.

How-to Vinyl Record Bowl
Vinyl Record Bowl. Photo tutorial to make your own vinyl record bowl. Put those old vinyl record albums to good use and make a bowl to store your makeup and jewelry in.

Fabric Cover a Journal
Cover a Journal with Fabric

Knit a Necktie
Knit a necktie for that special man-person in your life with these free patterns and instructions.

Decoupage Compact Mirror
Decoupage a compact mirror. Turn an old compact into a new treasure with this step-by-step photo tutorial.

How Do I Make a Hat?
How Do I Make a Hat? Learn how to sew, crochet or knit a hat.

Decoupage a Case
How to Decoupage a Suitcase. Use photos, magazine cuttings, vintage prints, stickers and cheap glue to make a unique varnished case.

Yarn Hair Pieces
Learn how to make your own yarn hair pieces. This how-to will show you how to make yarn hair.

How-to Fabric Flip Flops
Learn how to wrap your flip-flop thongs in fabric for a new style and comfortable fit.

Iron-On a Patch
Iron on a patch. Learn the best way to iron on a patch using these easy tips and instructions.

Key West Beaded Sandals
In Key West, Duval Street has all the hottest tropical fashions. Make these exotic sandals yourself using a simple beading method.

Make a Purse from a Placemat
Learn how to put together this easy purse made from a placemat. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions.

Make a T-Shirt Sleeve Headband
Make a sweet headband out of a t-shirt sleeve with these easy instructions for beginners.

Make a Sock Wristband
Make a punky wristband using only a sock. These easy step-by-step instructions will show you how.

Potato Chip Wrist Band
Easy step-by-step instructions to create your own potato chip bag armband.

How to Make a Belt out of Neck Ties
Learn how to make a belt out of a necktie with this no-sew tutorial from Rain Blanken, your DIY Fashion Expert.

Make a Booty Bag out of a Pair of Jeans
Follow these simple directions to make your own ‘booty bag’ out of a pair of jeans.

Make Beaded Flip Flops
Add some beads to your flip-flops with these easy step-by-step insructions for DIY fashion.

Make a Fairy Bottle of Bubbles
Flower Bubble Bottle

Make a Purse out of T-Shirts
Make a cute purse out of two t-shirts with these easy step-by-step instructions. This is a great project for DIY fashion beginners.

Make a Belt Pouch
Learn how to make a pouch that will slide onto your belt. These photos and instructions will show you how to make a belt pouch in minutes.

How to Fold a Bandanna on Your Head
Step-by-Step instructions on how to fold a bandana biker-style on your head.

Key Chain Zipper Pull
Replace your missing zipper pull or just make a cool new one out of your favorite key chain.

Crochet Skull Wristband
Crochet isn't just for grannies. Hook up with this punky skull wristband that has a great granny touch.

Crocheted Hats
Make your own sock hats with these easy instructions from your Guide to Crochet.

Make A Beach Bag
This simple beach bag is great for beginners.

Free Pattern & Directions to Sew a Fabric Wallet
You'll find a free pattern and directions for a wallet that has a coin section and credit card section here.

Sew a Removable Money Hiding Bra Pocket
Traveling with cash can be risky. Hiding money in your bra has been done for a long time. Secure the cash in your bra with this simple to sew removable money hiding bra pocket.

Magazine Purse
Henrietta shares directions on how to make a purse using magazine pages.

Patchwork Pouch
This trendy patchwork pouch is quick to make and easy on the budget. A great beginner's sewing project.

Maxi-Pad Slippers
This is a fun gag gift! Follow these free instructions and you can make slippers using maxi-pads - submitted by Twinrme1.

Plastic Bag Sun Hat
Belva Slate shares these directions for making a hat using plastic grocery bags and crochet techniques.

DIY College Jewelry and Accessories
These casual and funky styles are perfect for hanging around your new roomies. You can craft a few of these to distribute to your new dorm mates, because the materials are so cheap, and often free. These hot styles are easy to make, but hard to give away!

Skinny Scarves for Spring
Skinny Scarves for Spring. Learn how to make your own skinny scarf to match this hot Spring look.

Make a Flower Barrette
Make a Flower Barrette. Learn how to make a flowered hair clip with this step-by-step photo tutorial.

How to Make an Apple Cozy
Learn how to crochet or knit an apple cozy to keep your fruity friends from bruising before lunch.

Make a Pair of Boot Toppers
Sew, knit or crochet a pair of toppers to change the look of your boots.

Nailpolish Strip Sunglasses
Create a pair of nail strip sunglasses to customize your look with this fast tutorial from Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion Expert.

DIY Painted Heels Tutorial
Give your heels a makeover with this Star Wars inspired painted heels tutorial from Rain.

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