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How-To Pirate Costume for Women


Yarrrr! Make this easy pirate costume designed just for the ladies. Since there are so many kinds of pirates, there are a few options here to choose from.

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Make a Corset Top

How to Make a Corset Top
Rain Blanken
While not historically accurate, this top simulates the look of a corset. The choice of fabrics is yours, so you can go with a gothic look or try the light tones of a fair maiden. This is an easy project that requires only basic sewing skills.

Make a Belt Pouch

Make a Belt Pouch
Rain Blanken
When you are wearing a belt for a costume, it is handy to have a pouch that will hold all of your essentials (and booty!). These pouches are easy to make with just a few measurements and stitches.

Make a Flowing Skirt

Make a Flowing Skirt
Rain Blanken
You will need a long skirt to go with your corset top. If you choose to match the fabrics exactly, then your corset top and skirt set will look like a full dress. This is preferred for princess costumes. If you choose not to match the skirt to the corset top, then you will have a nice set that is great for maidens, wenches and pirates alike.

This is an 'A-line' skirt, which means that it is smaller at the top, then billows out at the bottom. These skirts are especially flattering and fun to twirl in. Fortunately, they are also easy to make.

Make a Short and Torn Skirt

Pirate Skirt
Debbie Colgrove
If you prefer your pirate to be the wench type, this skirt with a jagged hem is perfect for looking rough. I'd suggest bold colors on this piece.

Striped Pirate Sleeves

Fingerless Gloves
Rain Blanken
Try these fingerless gloves made from shirt sleeves. This quick trick will have you looking all the more like a pirate or wench.

Try dark and neutral fabrics with stripes or subtle patterns. Long sleeved t-shirts and sweaters always work best.

Cut a Side Slit into Your Skirt

Side Slit in Skirt
Rain Blanken
Let's face it, pirates aren't shy. If you want to show a little leg, use these easy instructions to cut a slit up the side of your skirt.

Sew an Eye Patch

Pirate Eyepatch
Debbie Colgrove
Remember when that giant squid gouged out your eye just before you saved your entire crew from certain death? Yeah, me too. Sport an eye patch with your costume and be sure to make up at least three stories about how you got it.

This eye patch is especially soft, unlike the plastic ones sold in stores.

Tie a Scarf on Your Head

Scarf Headband
Getty Images / Mark Mainz
So maybe Paris Hilton is not the best pirate example. She is, however, inventively wearing a scarf on her head, like lots of pirate chicks are apt to do.

Use a scarf as a belt, tie it around the waist of your shirt, even tie it at your knee. Pirates went crazy with scarves, and Paris is a good example of crazy.

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