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How-To Latex Wound Makeup


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Apply Spirit Gum and Stick it On
How-To Latex Wound Makeup

Use spirit gum to hold the appliance in place all night.

Rain Blanken
Spirit gum is an adhesive that works really well with human skin. This stuff will stick all night, even through some sweating and movement. There really is no substitute for it for costuming. Spirit gum can be removed with baby oil, so no worries.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry on the spot where you want to apply the wound. Use a q-tip or paint brush to apply spirit gum all around the edges of the latex appliance. Press the appliance onto your skin. If you are applying it to an arm or leg, bend or flex your arm as you apply. You want the appliance to be able to stretch and contract as you move your body.

Let the spirit gum dry completely before continuing. This is where a hair dryer can come in handy. At this point, we have completed the instructions that came with the latex wound. What? No way. We are going to make this thing look real.

Next, let's add liquid latex all around the wound.

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