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How to Make Fairy Wings

How to Make Fairy Wings


Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings

Rain Blanken
My hottest tip for fairies is to make your own wings. Fairy wings can cost $20.00 to $50.00, so this is a real money saver.

  • Bend a hanger into a wing shape, then repeat with another hanger. Use pliers to twist the four ends of the hangers together so that the wings are attached.

  • Cut the legs off of a pair of tights. Cover each hanger with a leg of the tights, gathering the extra fabric at the ends of the hanger. Wrap the twisted ends of the hangers with the extra fabric.

  • Attach two lengths of ribbon where the hangers meet to hang the wings at your shoulders. Thick ribbon works best, or you can twist together many pieces of thin ribbon.
Make small wings if you are attending a crowded party! No one likes to get hit in the eye with a wing.

Also try making a pair of dragon style fairy wings.

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