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How-to Lucius Malfoy Costume

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Learn how to make a Lucius Malfoy costume with this photo tutorial.
Lucius Malfoy Costume

Lucius Malfoy Costume

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The Cane
In case you don't have any snake-headed canes lying around, you're going to need to make your own using a wooden dowel and some Sculpey.

The Hair
Lucius wears his platinum blond hair long and out of his face.

If you don't have the right hair color, you'll need to spring for a cheap wig or even bleach your hair. If you have especially dark hair then it's going to be very difficult to get such a white-yellow color with any kind of hair dye. I suggest spending the ten bucks on a wig instead because bleach can be very hard on your hair.

The Clothes
If you have any fake fur coats lying around, now is the time to break them out. Not only does he carry around a pimp cane, but Lucius also flaunts his money with an array of tacky fur coats. He also wears a black half-cape at times.

Wear a collared white or black shirt under a black vest to get the basic look. If you want to wear the high-collared button-down jacket, I suggest making a longer version of Snape's jacket.

Wear a pair of black slacks, or make your own simple black drawstring pants.

The Shoes Wear a pair of plain black dress shoes or boots. The important part here is that they have been shined up to a fancy sheen.

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