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How-To Make Harry Potter Costumes

Make Harry Potter Costumes and Save Some Cash!


Why buy a cheap robe when you can put together a costume yourself? If you're not impressed with the packaged costumes, try these methods of assembling your own Harry Potter character costumes.
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Make a wizard robe for a Harry Potter costume.Make a Wizard RobeHow-to Harry Potter CostumeHow-To Harry Potter CostumeHow-To Ron Weasley CostumeHow-To Ron Weasley CostumeHow-To Hermione CostumeHow-To Hermione Costume
How-To Draco Malfoy CostumeHow-To Draco Malfoy CostumeLucius Malfoy CostumeHow-to Lucius Malfoy CostumeHow-To Death Eater CostumeHow-To Death Eater CostumeHow to Make a Voldemort CostumeHow to Make a Voldemort Costume
How-to Snape CostumeHow-to Severus Snape CostumeHow-to Luna Lovegood CostumeHow-To Luna Lovegood CostumeHogwarts Student CostumeHogwarts Student Accessories
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