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Peacock Costume

A masquerade version of this beautiful bird.


So, peacocks are actually male in real life, but on Halloween, you can be anything (even a man). This masquerade ball peacock costume is quirky and elegant.
Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume

Rain Blanken
The Makeup: Create swirling lines drifting out from the corner of one eye for a masquerade look that doesn't require a mask. I added a small yellow dot to emulate the 'eye' of the peacock feather. You can use soft face paints for this, or even liquid eyeliner and eyeshadows. To make the eyeshadow more vivid, add some of the powder to water to form a light paste.

Optional Feathered Mask: I've put together a complete tutorial on building a feathered mask from scratch. The results are stunning, and it really only takes a few minutes. Make a Feathered Mask

The Hair Piece: Feathers are, of course, an integral part of this costume. I put together this feathered hair piece by sandwiching an arrangement of feathers between two pieces of felt. We stitched it onto a headband for a quick and easy hair piece. Send me an email if you need help with this step. Peacock feathers can easily be found at your local craft store.

The Dress: Here, we used a $3.00 dress from Goodwill. It happened to fit perfectly and appeared luminescent, like peacock plumage. Wear something that is dark blue or purple in color, and fits excellently. No matter what dress you choose, this costume is going to look great with the accessories.

The Tights: I feel like the tights are an important part of this costume because they add color coordination. Go with the denim blue as seen here, or try black.

The Shoes: We used gold strappy sandals to symbolize the peacock feet. The gold completed the dazzling masquerade style of this costume, and a low heel was easy to walk in after hours of trick-or-treating. Go with gold or even silver on the shoes, and keep them simple. Boots are just not right for this look.

If you need any more help, please email me, Rain, and I'll do my best to help with your peacock costume.

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