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Masquerade Mistress


This costume gives you a touch of mystery, even in well-known company.
Masquerade Costume

Masquerade Costume

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The mask
Your choice. Do you want to imitate an animal, as in be bird-like or cat-like? Should you have a feathered mask or coat it in glass beads? There are so many ways to make a mask, it is impossible to go wrong. Check out our feathered mask gallery for ideas.

Visit a costume store near you to get ideas from the masks they are selling for ridiculous prices on the shelves. Bags of feathers, beads, glitter, paint and sequins sell for very cheap at craft stores. One fun way to masquerade is to have a mask-making event with your friends a few days before the party.

The outfit
Just about anything goes here, but remember that when you are masked, you can stretch the limits of imagination with your costume. A cape lends a mysterious air. I've put together a complete tutorial on how to make a hooded cape.

Go glamorous in a full ball gown, or simply wear a cocktail dress. Be sure, though, to match the colors in your mask.

Everyone loves someone in disguise who gives out presents. Hand out candy, glitter, beads, small bottles of bubbles or whatever else you can think of while you're at the party. It will keep them talking about you all night long.

Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

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