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Rain Blanken

Curious George Costume... with Man in the Yellow Hat!

By October 17, 2013

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curious george costume
Photo by devinf

If there is possibly anything better than animals dressed up like babies, it's babies dressed up like animals. One animal friend that preschoolers will clamor to be this year is Curious George. A monkey dear to my own childhood heart, this little guy has transcended to a new generation of fans, thanks in part to the Curious George series on PBS Kids.

One easy way to make this costume is to start with a pair of brown PJ's. All you need from there is a knit monkey hat and a tail.

How to make a Curious George tail

The tail can be created by cutting one 4"x20" rectangle of brown fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise and stitch the length. Turn right-side out. Stuff with batting and insert an unbent wire hanger (you can actually use the hanger to stuff the batting in, too!) Sew up the ends. Stitch one end to the booty of the PJs. Now you've got a tail that can be curled like a monkey!

Add a Man in the Yellow Hat:

This will really bring home the point that this isn't just any monkey... it's Curious George! This is a great accompanying costume for an older sibling or Mom/Dad. Find (or spray paint) the right hat. You can go ahead and put on a yellow coat and pants, but it's really all about the hat, here, so don't stress if you can't find an all-yellow outfit. If you do choose to go all yellow, this is an easy one. Grab some white clothes from the thrift store, of non-synthetic materials, and dye them bright yellow.

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