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Readers Respond: T-Shirt Transformations

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Changing up a t-shirt can make it fit better, add color, or just express your personal style. A properly transformed t-shirt can look a hundred times better than the original, and you get to use your favorite logo's and characters in the design. More T-Shirt Surgery


I cut little holes along both sides of the shirt, under the armpits, and took a thin strip of cloth and laced up the back!
—Guest fmeh

Just an idea

if a shirt is too loose, cut a strip out of the back and then lace it back up.

Baby doll x Tshirt Surgery

Thanks for saving one of my favourite tops. I turned my too tight long sleeve into a Tank Top with the Baby Doll collar. I used a small pair of very sharp clothing scissors (no grommets punch) and it was a complete 'No Sew' redo. Your site and ideas are fab and I will be wearing my top next time I go to swim!
—Guest Meow

What about the other way?

How can I make a sentimental favourite T LARGER? Could I perhaps combine it somehow with a larger sized shirt? Please help - I have put on weight and can no longer wear my souvenir tees.

it is hott

Okay so I took an old black plain tee and cut the top off right under the armpit area. You now have a tube top for summer!! Also, if the shirt is big on you then you can cut it down the side and then just so it back up tighter. Really easy.
—Guest -readyforsummer


get a plain black or white t-shirt an add a bow if the tee is black do a white bow if the tee is white add a black bow. get satin an just tie a bow an sew it right on its a nice way to dress up your tee's
—Guest Ali

awesome t-shirt

you should sooo try this one, cut the t-shirt apart down the middle of the top, and then tie it together!!
—Guest someone

Dot dot

Your fave logo on a old tatty tee? Cut around it and sew onto a new one for a real punk rock look.
—Guest MegzillaGore

Sexy girl with muscles

Turn it into a tank To. They r the hottest piece of clothing a boy and girl can wear
—Guest Katina

I LOVE this one!

And I have an idea... If the T-shirt is a bit larger and the arm holes hang too long under your arm pit, you could easily snip the t-shirt open on the shoulders and thread a large hole wooden or plastic bead or even some washers or nuts and then sew it up! Also, a little bit of frou-frou trim around the bottom would add an additional personalized touch to your creation. For a shirt that may be too snug around the hips, you could cut the sides at the hemline about 4 to 6 inches, depending on length, then sew those raw edges to prevent curling. I think I'll get started on mine for the holiday weekend right now. Thanks, Rain!!! =)

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