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Readers Respond: Why Do you Buy from Etsy?

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I buy handmade from Etsy because I like to support local artists, as well as wear something unique.

Great place to buy

I think Etsy is a unique place to shop.. with a wide variety of things to choose from... a place where buyers and sellers get to form a relationship like no other.
—Guest A Loyal Etsy Shopper

Quality and Love!

All items on Etsy are made with love by artisans who cherish their materials and customers. They dedicate love and care to create each and every piece! http://HandArts.Etsy.Com
—Guest Didi

I don't buy from Etsy

I don't buy from Etsy anymore, I buy from my favorite Etsy sellers' ARTFIRE studios or directly from their personal websites, just for the pleasure of cheating Etsy out of their cut. HAH!
—Guest Betsy Etc

Buy quality, buy handmade!

I not only buy on Etsy, but I sell as well. I love the fact that I can find unique handmade, quality items from people who really care about their craft. Its so refreshing to deal with a real person.
—Guest crochetgal

Whu I buy from Etsy?

I feel a sense of fellow feeling. I promote hand made product- not mess produced commercial ones. When I have given gifts buying from etsy the receiver feels good too. Many main stream people don't know about etsy. They were happy to know about this movement of "Buy hand made products". Dita- http://www.alankarshilpa.etsy.com http://www.bead-z-mommys-business.com
—Guest alankarshilpa

Love and Care

I love to buy from Etsy because I know the items that I purchase are made with love and care and not just mass produced in a small country as cheaply as possible. The ladies that sell their products on Etsy are true artisans that have perfected their craft over years. www.thesicilianhideaway.etsy.com
—Guest Stacey

one of a kind.

Etsy is great because you can find so many one of a kind pieces and the selection is so vast! There are so many treasures to be found. www.caliklein.etsy.com
—Guest Cali www.caliklein.etsy.com

Handmade and Recycled

I love buying handmade items because they have so much more feeling to them, they make great heart-felt gifts even though you didn't make them yourself! Another great reason is many Etsy sellers and creators are committed to recycling and reusing so you can find really creative and eco friendly items.
—Guest Lissa - http://www.lissacreates.etsy.com

A HUGE gallery of UNIQUE options

You can find anything you are looking for! Items are unique, support individuals, and come at great prices! www.luxart.etsy.com
—Guest Lux Art - www.luxart.etsy.com

Gives you the warm fuzzies!

I LOVE to sit on my computer in my PJ's and shop! But regular retail sites always feel so cold. I love handmade goodies because you can appreciate the time and care that was put into them. My family is having a handmade Christmas this year because we're so sick of the commercial aspect of gifts. Flat screen TV's don't give you the 'warm fuzzies'. Handmade soaps and teas do, though! And there's so much to choose from! If you're looking, someones probably selling! Also I've found some fantastic artwork from other artists on Etsy. The stuff you can find is incredible. And my personal last reason is that I sell there and am part of the community too. I love the uniqueness of shopping through someones handmade, but well created, goodies and I love that I feel like I'm helping them out - not just shopping for myself! my shop: www.taurmailyn.etsy.com
—Guest taurmailyn - www.taurmailyn.etsy.com

Why I buy from Etsy

I buy from etsy because they are all creators of wonderful unique items. Their craft is very important to them and they want you to recieve the best that they can offer. Diana Saputo http://lunaessence.etsy.com
—Guest Lunaessence

Exactly my style

I love when I come across something that's exactly my style, whether it's a necklace, earrings, soap scent, pillow or anythings. It's full of something for everyone! I even bought 2 vintage dresses for my sis for her birthday.
—Guest Rachel - FlowersandMore.etsy.com


I buy from Etsy because I love uniqueness! bloomsburygroup.etsy.com
—Guest bloomsburygroup

Truly Unique & Customized Items

Etsy features the best in fabulous one-of-a-kind items, either handcrafted or vintage. And nowhere else are artisans more eager to customize their crafts just for you! www.BellissimaMinerals.etsy.com

I find exactly what I'm looking for...

When I am looking for a gift or a piece of art, I am very particular. On Etsy, you find it all, every medium, shape, size and price point, it is the perfect place to shop. And I am surprised and inspired every time I look through a treasury or time machine for new listings. There is an incredible amount of talent on Etsy that I would never get to see outside my normal little world. My shop is www.queenglass.etsy.com.
—Guest Queen Glass

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