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Readers Respond: Do you prefer to sew without a pattern? Why?

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There are some projects that just don't require patterns. But do you avoid patterns at all costs? Are you dependent on them for success? Why?

Patterns and No Patterns

I am a beginner I just bought my sewing machine , mainly for fixing my kids clothes. But I am beginning to get ideas would like to learn more to make kids clothes.I guess with no patterns , sounds easier.
—Guest new and learning

home maker

It is hard to follow pattern lines and notches ect ect...
—Guest jeannette

They don't work for me

I don't use patterns anymore, they just don't work for me. I'm very 'right brained' and patterns confuse me. I've started looking at my own clothing that I really like, seeing how it's put together, and going from there- even designing my own that fit for my body type
—Guest amanda


It's the easiest way to sew!!!!!I like sewing my clothes myself!
—Guest Setareh

Why I Sew without a pattern?

I am dyslexic and when I use a pattern, WOW can I really mess things up!! haha!
—Guest Ginger

Sewing Without Patterns

If the project is involved with a lot of pieces, as with some types of tailored clothing or pants with a lot of detail, I find a pattern is comforting. Things that require simple shapes and less pieces are a snap to sew as long as you plan ahead. Be sure to draw out what pieces you will cut and label measurements plus hems and seam allowances. Add all the measurements up for each side then test the measurement against the person or object. I keep a journal with notes on each thing I create so I can recreate it or correct it the next time I make it.
—Guest Sally

I'm still on the fence

I somehow manage to botch patterns when it comes to clothes. Often I like to look up step-by-step tutorials and use scrap material to practice before going for the gold. I like step by step instructions because it gives me wiggle room since i am still learning to sew at all, crooked hems and all ^_^
—Guest Lelerz

With a pattern but...

I am a good sewer in that I physically can sew it, but when I try to make my own patterns I usually stuff it up. Hopefully when I am more experienced I will be able to do without a pattern......
—Guest With a pattern


I don't care for making clothes, but I do like to make items around my home from my imagination. It is easy to measure so that when I am finished it will fit. Ive made drapes, with matching bed covers in styles no one else has. All my own ideas. I am a designer and no one owns me.
—Guest C A

Why I Sew Without Patterns

I did use patterns for many years [beginning around age 10]. stopped sewing, resumed, and realized i hate them. So, i find that i enjoy the experience of cutting, pressing, sewing and hanging much more, especially after I acquired my first dress form! wow. I am looking now toward making undergarments and my ever-favorite: long, loose-fitted dresses! oh, and I just bought a serger. i am happy! livewell, yawl...sd

No patterns allows unique creativity

Whats creative about using someone else's pattern? I sew without patterns because it allows me to come up with something no one else has made before, and because it allows me to come up with a unique style. Also, I feel like I get more out of the experience when its something that came just from me.
—Guest Ashley

Without Patterns

I grew up in a family with a mom and many older sisters who all sew without patterns, mainly because we were poor. As a group we made ALL of our clothing, including prom dresses. As an adult, patterns seem like a complicated guide book to HADES to me.
—Guest Guest

Patterns? Who needs them?!

I used to think that sewing without a pattern required a nearly magical ability, but I've been sewing without patterns for about a year now and I won't go back! If I feel an item needs a pattern or if I want to be able to make the same item again, I will make make my own pattern using either paper or pattern cloth (not sure what this is called; it's a lightweight material printed with one-inch gridlines, available at fabric stores).
—Guest carrie

no pattern sewing

I prefer no patterns. They paper is to easily torn and makes things too complicated. They often have things that aren't necessary and i can use my own imagination. it truly is my creation.
—Guest betty

no-sew pattern

I never tried to sew without patterns, but I sure would like to try.
—Guest Susan


i sew with out patterns because i dont have any.if i did i would but i dont so i wont
—Guest rather not say

Why I Sew without a pattern?

I am a very visual person. I cannot get past being visual enough to read directions. Directions only complicate sewing, knitting etc. I guess because I have my own niche for doing things. I feel like if I don't visualize and add my own touch it is not special. This hold true when I like to make something as a gift.

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