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Readers Respond: Would you Wear or Make a Catwoman Costume?

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From the article: Catwoman Costumes
A Catwoman costume is a pretty daring one to wear. Do you think that Catwoman costumes are simply revealing creations on confident women, or are the wearers looking for something besides attention? Would you dress up as Catwoman? How would you make the costume?


I'm thinking of a few options for a sexy-themed Halloween party I'm attending.
—Guest Mrs. Robinson

Would I Wear a Catwoman Costume, Me?

It's funny you should ask because I was looking for a unitard this past Halloween. I went as catwoman, but I wore a velour workout suit.

Of Course

yas i would im wear it at a fancy dress but i had to get it off ebay

I'm doing Catwoman this year

I found a catsuit/jumpsuit at my local thrift shop and my costume started out as Mrs Kensington from Austin Powers, then I thought I would be Emma Peel, but I came across some old photos of Catwoman and now that's my costume! It will be so much fun dressing up like Julie Newmar!
—Guest tishbet


Yes! I am planning on dressing up as catwoman this year, and plan on using this pattern. I am creating my costume on my own- I bought pleather pants on ebay! I don't think this costume is for just anyone, though! It is definitely an attention grabbing costume (a bit out of character for me, but my friends and I are all going as superheros) so not for just anyone.
—Guest mjk2004

I am making one for my 6 year old

I am using this mask pattern and had to use bits and pieces of other patterns to make this for my 56 YO daughter. I printed the pattern and am making it at 80%. Looks great!
—Guest nikki

My goodness

There's a great advantage of making the same costume a lot of times. You come to know it, and you can study it and get inside it, really make it yours.
—Guest Jag

Hell yes I would.

I know someone else that would too and am passing this article along.
—Guest N. Cat

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