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Reader Submissions: Handmade Giveaways


Here are some handmade goodie giveaways contributed by DIY Fashion readers. Handmade giveaways only take a few minutes to enter and can yield one-of-a-kind styles handmade by talented artisans.

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Expired: 918 Bowtique Bow

I am Rachel from BubblyNatureCreations. This blog is full of great craft projects and tutorials that I have either made myself or am featuring because I love them. From DIY fruit bouquets to Anthropo…More

Monthly Giveaway: Open Your Heart Necklace

The Islands Of Time Blog is all about handmade items and the inspiration behind them. It focuses mainly in the inspiration aspect and is intended to give encouragement to anyone who reads it.Many art…More

Expired: Handmade Felted Wool Hairband

The accessories are handmade by Marcie Chambers Cuff, artist, naturalist, mom and writer of Mossy. Mossy is a blog devoted to families who share a love of slowing down, simplifying, and finding conne…More

Handmade Earrings from Indie Style Guide - Ends 5/16

Indiestyleblog - group of creative people who believe in good design that inspires your life and enhances your day-to-day living at home, work and play.Maria - jewelry Artist from Israel. Interview w…More

Win Mutty Boots and More from Sewmantra - Until 6/15

I am Martiel Traczyk Beatty- the Founder and Fiber Artist behind the brand, Sewmantra. I have been crafting and sewing since I was a kid, but as many girls experience, cultural mores have a significa…More

Handmade Scarf Giveaway: Until 11-20-11

I made hand-knitted, crocheted and woven accesories with a very trendy, chic parisian style. I write about the handmade world, make interviews to another artists and show the fashion expos happening …More

Leopard Print Bobby Pin Giveaway - Until 10/10/2011

I am a WAHM to a 4 year old daughter. I have moments of silliness and craziness but don't we all? Some of my posts deal with the oddity of being an expat American living in Switzerland. Things I neve…More

Islands Of Time $20 Gift Certificate

Islands Of Time Inspiration From An Artist"All my pieces have a story to tell. They are Islands Of Time set apart in a tangle way." S L WaldonThis blog in written to inspire, encourage, and guide any…More

Handmade Felt Mushroom Dolls - Ends 8/10/11

Canadian artisans, Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois have created a line of waldorf inspired mushroom character dolls called “Shroompers” .Shroompers are eco friendly and hand made in Vi…More

Lucky Penny Purse Necklaces - Ends 8/1

I handmake mostly unique animal cake toppers out of clay and sell them on etsy.com. However I enjoy making items to giveaway as well and will be publishing them on my blog frequently. I have already …More

"You bit Me" Orange Popsicle Earrings - Ends 8/10

About meI’m 23 years old, I’m a Graphic Designer, and fun, geeky, and sweet accessories are my weakness.I started making Jewelry in Maracaibo-Venezuela in 2008 for myself, but after havin…More

Crochet Slipper Shoes - Ends 7/31

The "White Noise Maker" blog started to promote the handmade line of the same name. White Noise Maker produces quality, handmade house shoes and accessories, with interesting ornamentation and vibran…More

Necklace Branch with flowers - Ends 7/1/2011

This is the official blog of Etsy Russian Team. We represent artists, designers and crafters from all over the world sharing the Russian language. We hope you enjoy your visit and come again, as the …More

Cartoon Lover Giveway - Ends July 30th, 2011

I am a mom of three, I love doing beadwork and art. I am starting a new business. I love reading, writing, I dont really know I guess I love everything there is to life. On my blog I do random tips a…More

Fourth Of July Apron - Ends June 22nd, 2011

I write a health blog about healing from candida. If you suffer with it, be sure to stop by and check me out.Candida is a yeast over growth. I happen to have it in my digestive system.It has been a l…More

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