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10% off Handmade Fuzzy Knit Designs

Share Your Story: Show off Your Handmade Shop

By Frauke

10% off Handmade Fuzzy Knit Designs

Cook Mouse

10% off Handmade Fuzzy Knit Designs

Stethoscope cozy

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About My Shop:

I am a Transplant from Germany and love to knit wherever I go.

In my shop you can find mice, scarfs, bracelets, hats and baby things. All my things are one of a kind. I don't like making the same thing over and over again. I am always working on something new. And I love the challenge of a custom order. A friend of mine got me started on stethoscope covers and I love making those because they bring color into a place where you don't see to much bright colors.

Behind the Scenes at the Shop:

It began a few years ago when I was sitting in the dance studio waiting for my kids to finish their class. I was always sitting in the waiting room with needles in my hands and working away, on socks, scarfs or stuffed animals. One of the other waiting mothers asked me if I would make a jacked like my oldest was wearing and if I had a shop somewhere. From that time on I was hooked and started to build my little shop. Most of my items are worked with yarn or threads. I like to try out new techniques and learn new skills. So there will be always something new to discover in my shop.

Tips and Tricks

  • when you are interested in learning a new craft don't be intimidated. It might not work the first try. Give it another shot!
  • you don't have to stick to the rules, play around and find the way it works best for you
  • there is no right or wrong

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Show off your handmade shop. You could be featured on the DIY Fashion blog, in our newsletter and all the social media in between. I love to get the word out about great handmade work. Upload photos...

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