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Cameo Bracelets from Dixie Dazzle

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Cameo Bracelets from Dixie Dazzle

Cameo and pearl bracelet by Dixie Dazzle

Cameo Bracelets from Dixie Dazzle

Cameo bracelet by Dixie Dazzle



What I Made

I love vintage style & have a lot of resin cameos, so I came up with this bracelet with layered antiqued brass filigree & vintage faux pearls.

How I Made it

First of all I used E6000 glue to attach the cameo to the filigree setting. I love E6000 because it is slightly flexible after drying and won't pop loose on metal. It is PERMANENT after curing and has no odor. I always clamp my pieces together or put some kind of weight on top to be sure the pieces adhere completely. After letting this cure overnight, I chose a lightweight antiqued brass filigree that is slightly pliable. I used E6000 to glue the cameo component to this and let cure. The following day I took a drinking glass the approximate size of my wrist (you could use any round object the desired size) and GENTLY shaped the filigree. Be sure to hold firmly in the center and shape from both sides to keep it nice and even.

I finished the design by hand wrapping vintage pearls & attaching to both sides and attaching vintage double chain with clasp.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use E6000 glue for strength and flexibility
  • Use a lightweight filigree and gently shape the filigree for a nice curve to fit your wrist.
  • I placed my clasp at the side of the filigree, but you could center it if you wish.

Rain Blanken, About.com DIY Fashion, says:

Wow, thanks for the glue tip, I am always wondering what's best. It's way too easy to reach for the glue gun and assume it's going to stick tight. Your bracelets are absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing!

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