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Zombie Costume

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By DiyRain

Zombie Costume

Housewife Zombie

Zombie Costume

Office boss zombie with dangling eyeball effect

Costume Title

We Were Zombies!

How I Made it

I used the zombie makeup tutorial to create gross flesh wounds with latex, face paint and fake blood.

For a dangling eyeball on my husband's face, I simply cracked one of those plastic fake eyes in half (they can be found in most stores as the hollow ping-pong ball kind that float), then put liquid latex along the rim of where it was split. The latex held it on his face all night.

For the clothing, we went to Goodwill and picked up some cheap clothes ruin. At one point, my brother-in-law sat on a pair of pants while we drug them down the driveway. We visited the fire ring for a good dashing of ashes all over our clothes to make them look grimy and dusty.

Make sure to add splattered blood by dipping a paint brush into a bit of fake blood, then tapping it in front of the intended victim.

Tips and Tricks

  • One thing that was cool about these outfits is that it helped my kids to understand that the gross wounds in the movies are just makeup applied exactly how we were putting it on ourselves. I hope they keep that in mind the next time they're watching a monster flick!

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