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2013 Nominations: Best Online Handmade Marketplace

Buying online has come a long way from the days when I was listing patchwork pants on eBay. There are so many places to find original, handmade works online. From A to Z (I'm thinking Artfire to Zibbet), new places are cropping up to present us with dazzling storefronts customers, and dynamic tools for sellers.

Hundreds of thousands of votes will determine the winners of the 2013 Readers Choice Awards. The more nominations; the more likely your favorite will become a finalist, and eligible for the winning vote. So Tweet, Facebook and otherwise spread the word to push your favorite up to the big vote next month. You have until February 11th to Nominate before the finalists are chosen!

More Categories to Nominate for 2013 including Best Fashion Blog, Best Craft Supply Store, Best Handmade Jewelry Designer, Best Handmade Clothing Designer and Best Craft Magazine.

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2013 Readers' Choice Awards Awards FAQ

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