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Make Valentines Day Gifts

DIY your way to some cheap lovin'.


It's time to make some love. Literally. We're going to make Valentines Day gifts that work double-time on expressing love and saving cash.

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1. Felt Heart Pin

Felt Heart Pin
Rain Blanken

Sheets of felt can be bought for pennies and easily turned into decorative jewelry pieces. I used two different colors of felt to create this office pin for Valentines Day.

2. Valentines Day Cross-Stitch

Heart Cross-Stitch
Designs © Connie G. Barwick
Wear your heart on your sleeve when you stitch it on with these cool cross-stitch patterns. You can add some love to the cuff of your jeans, the front of your t-shirt, a recovered journal...anywhere you can stitch a patch of beautiful thread, these patterns will come in handy. Our Guide to Cross-Stitching has lots to share.

3. Valentines Day Knitting Patterns

Heart Wristbands
Sarah E. White
As if snuggling up to your sweetie wasn't keeping you warm enough, our Guide to Knitting has put together lots of knitting patterns that are sure to encourage some cuddle time. I just love these wristbands.

4. Heart Shaped Gift Boxes

Heart Shaped Box
Lesley Sheperd
Craft a heart-shaped box for your sweetie to store jewelry, pins or hair clippies. Our Guide to Miniatures will take you step-by-step.

5. Valentines Day Jewelry

Purple Romance Earrings
Tammy Powley
If you have some beads, wire, string, pendants and good old fashioned creativity lying around, then you're ready to take on some of these refined necklace, bracelet and earring projects from our Guide to Jewelry Making.

6. Valentines Safety Pin Jewelry

Love Safety Pin
Sherri Osborn
Safety pin jewelry is made when you string tiny seed beads together to make a picture that dangles from a safety pin. These make great jewelry for both office wear and fun kids styles. Here, our Guide to Family Crafts shows us how to make Valentines Day pins.

7. Heart Stencils for Patch, Screen Printing and Spray Painting

Heart Stencils
Rain Blanken
Add a heart to just about anything. Poof, it's a Valentines gift!

Well, you'll have to add your own special brand of pizazz to it, but these heart stencils should get you started. You can use them to create patches or spray paint with fabric paints.

8. Simple Play-Doh Heart Necklace

This one is so easy. I suggest substituting Sculpey for the Play-Doh for a more durable heart necklace. Our Guide to Family Crafts will tell you how.

9. Celebrate in Style

Valentines Day Hats
Rain Blanken

You can create a Valentines Day party hat with these free printable hat templates and instructions on how to decorate them with feathers, glitter and ribbon.

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