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Maryland Renaissance Festivals and Faires


Maryland renaissance festivals and faires are a great place to show off your handmade medieval garb and accessories. These are listed by date they occur. Dates are not exact because they change every year, check the official festival websites for exact dates, times and admission rates.

1. Celtic Festival and Highland Gathering

Renaissance Faire
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The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival and Highland Gathering brigns out the best of America’s Celtic heritage. The Festival, spans sports, music, history, dance, so many aspects of our shared culture. The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland, Inc., a recognized non-profit organization, provides grants, scholarships, donations, and supports singly or in cooperation with other organizations, events of a cultural or historical nature.

2. The Maryland Faerie Fest

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The Maryland Faerie Festival celebrates the Faeries. We provide an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves. Yes, we believe in Faeries! Through the Faerie heritage, we encourage love, cooperation, peace, harmony, and respect for all beings, along with a pinch of mischief! The Maryland Faerie Festival provides educational and outreach opportunities for groups promoting diligent stewardship of Nature, and sponsors artists, merchants and entertainers informed by the Faerie tradition.

3. The Maryland Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Faire
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The Maryland Renaissance Festival is a recreation of a 16th century English village. Our village is named Revel Grove, and is set on a beautiful 25-acre wooded site with 85 acres of free parking. The village consists of craft and food booths, five pubs, ten major stages, a Jousting Arena and lots of games. Every day is a Festival Day in Revel Grove, in honor of a visit by Henry VIII and his Royal Court. As such, the village will have entertainment, crafts, food, and frivolity fit for a king!

4. Interactive Map of U.S. Renaissance Festivals

Map of US Renaissance Festivals
Map of US Renaissance Festivals

Find renaissance festivals in your state or in the neighboring states, or plan a weekend of costume fun on a medieval vacation across the country. This map of U.S. renaissance festivals will help you in your quest.

5. Show us Your Renaissance Garb

Maryland Renaissance Festivals
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We want to see what you wore and what you plan to wear to the next renaissance faire. Tell us... was it handmade? Who made it? Did you add your own touches to an existing piece bought at a renaissance faire? We already know ren folk aren't shy, so it's time to upload ye olde photos!

6. What to Wear to a Renaissance Faire

Maryland Renaissance Faires and Festivals
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There are people from all walks of life who attend renaissance festivals, and that calls for a lot of crazy costuming. Find out what is generally appropriate and learn how to create some of your own renaissance festival 'garb'.

7. Tell us About your Ren Faire Experience

Renaissance Faire
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Do you regularly visit ren fests or have a festival that I should post? Have you sewn together a difficult renaissance festival costume or accessories? Ever bought a costume that was outrageously expensive? Have a bad experience you want to dish on?

Tell us about it. Ask questions on where to get gowns, how to sew bodices. The forum awaits thee.

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