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Make a Wench Costume

A corset and a skirt doesn't have to be expensive.


Renaissance costumes can cost hundreds of dollars, even when they are not custom made. You can create a simple costume with a corset top and skirt set. The best part is that it only costs a few bucks in fabric and ribbon.

Make a Corset Top

How to Make a Corset Top
Rain Blanken
While not historically accurate, this top simulates the look of a corset. The choice of fabrics is yours, so you can go with a gothic look or try the light tones of a fair maiden. This is an easy project that requires only basic sewing skills.

Make a Flowing Skirt

Make a Flowing Skirt
Rain Blanken
You will need a long skirt to go with your corset top. If you choose to match the fabrics exactly, then your corset top and skirt set will look like a full dress. This is preferred for princess costumes. If you choose not to match the skirt to the corset top, then you will have a nice set that is great for maidens, wenches and pirates alike.

This is an 'A-line' skirt, which means that it is smaller at the top, then billows out at the bottom. These skirts are especially flattering and fun to twirl in. Fortunately, they are also easy to make.

Tips on Dressing for a Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival Costume
Getty Images
When you visit a renaissance festival, it is fun to get into the spirit of things and dress in 16th century garb. While the above outfit is not historically accurate, it is historically inspired.

It's perfectly acceptable to dress up in fantasy outfits like fairies and princesses while you are visiting a ren faire. Learn what to avoid when making your selections.

Make a Pair of Wench or Pirate Sleeves

Fingerless Gloves
Rain Blanken
Try these fingerless gloves made from shirt sleeves. This quick trick will have you looking all the more like a pirate or wench.

Try dark and neutral fabrics with stripes or subtle patterns. Long sleeved t-shirts and sweaters always work best.

Crochet an Elegant Headband

Crocheted Headband
Sandi Marshall
The choices in hair accessories in the 16th century were limited...no elastic hair ties. You could try wearing a snood, but it looks a little too much like a hair net for my taste. If you will be playing a fair maiden or princess, try your hand at crocheted one of a variety of headbands. Our Crochet guide has lots of different kinds of headbands for you to try.

Create Your Own Royal Jewelry

Make Your Own Jewelry
Tammy Powley
The Queen and her ladies-in-waiting were always dripping fine jewels. You can get this expensive look for cheap when you put to work a few easy methods of beading, macramé or wire wrapping. Give it a try and save your pence for something more fun...like giant turkey legs and ale.

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