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Uses for Old Sweaters

Recycle your old sweaters into new style with these simple tutorials.


Have an old sweater that has seen better days? Learn how to fix up your sweater, or use a little DIY trickery to give it a new life.

1. Chic Distressed Sweater

Destroy a Sweater
Rain Blanken
Have a sweater with a hole or two? Turn it into a holey masterpiece. A destroyed sweater adds interest to an outfit, lending texture and the opportunity to layer colors underneath.

But it takes a method I call 'precision unraveling' to get the look done right. I served a right piece of justice on this sweater, and I'll show you how, too.

2. Make a Dog Shirt from a Sweater Sleeve

How-To Dog Shirt
Rain Blanken

You can turn a sweater sleeve into a dog shirt in just a few easy steps. Depending on the size of your sweater, this could fit any size dog.

3. Video: Turn a Sweater into Mittens

Sweater Mittens

An old wool sweater is a terrible thing to waste. Why not turn it into a pair of mittens you can design any way you want? Find out how to make a cozy pair of mittens in a snap.

4. Make a Sweater Bag

Sweater Bag
Erin Huffstetler

Erin Huffstetler will show us how to turn a simple striped sweater into a cute handled tote bag. Just follow her simple step-by-step photo tutorial.

5. Fix it: How to Darn Holes in a Sweater

Darn a Sweater
Rain Blanken

Sweaters can last generations, but those handmade sweaters of yesteryear (or even last season's purchase) can look worse for wear. The nature of knit material makes it difficult to simply stitch up a hole. To repair knits, you need to learn how to darn.

6. How to Save a Shrunken Sweater

Uses for Old Sweaters
Getty Images

Almost everyone has mistakenly thrown a wool sweater into the washer and seen it shrink to nearly doll-size. Before you discard it, try a couple of techniques that could save your investment.

7. How to Felt a Sweater

Uses for Sweaters
Sarah E. White

Felt can be used in a variety of contemporary fashion projects, and it can be obtained for free using those old sweaters you've got in the back of the closet.

8. Make Sweater Pillows

Uses for Old Sweaters
Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

Sweater pillows are just the thing to cozy up a sofa or bed. Scavenge some sweaters from your favorite thrift store, and stitch up a few for yourself.

9. Free Felting Projects

Uses for Old Sweaters
Sarah E. White

Felted bags, boxes, place mats, bowls, scarves and more. Sarah E. White has plenty of felting projects to keep your old sweaters busy.

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