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Uses for Embroidery Hoops

Ways to use hoops that you never even thought of.


These adjustable wooden hoops aren't just for embroidery. Embroidery hoops are essential for a variety of projects that require holding a piece of fabric taut and in place.

1. Screen Print a T-Shirt

Ways to use embroidery hoops
Rain Blanken

Embroidery hoops are an essential tool for inexpensive and easy screen printing at home. The hoop is used to hold a piece of mesh, drawn very tightly to create a screen. Negative (non-printing) areas of the image are covered with a waterproof latex paint. These screens are very durable, and will last for many many prints.

2. Darning with Embroidery Hoops

Ways to use embroidery hoops
Rain Blanken

Darning is an old-fashioned method of repairing and decorating knit fabrics. Yarn is woven in a criss-cross fashion to create new fabric over holes, strengthen thinning fabric, and to make cool geometric designs.

The embroidery hoop is used to keep the fabric taut while you're working. Darning is easy, can save you some money, and it's a good introduction to working with embroidery hoops.

3. Embroidery, of Course

If you run out of ideas for all those hoops, you could, well, do some embroidery.

Check out my list of Free Embroidery Patterns. These are images taken from antique and out-of-print books.

4. Make T-Shirt & Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Uses for Embroidery Hoops
Rain Blanken
This is perhaps the easiest way to put an embroidery hoop to work. The hoop is used as a quick frame to preserve those favorite t-shit characters and logos that you just can't part with. In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll show you how to create fantastic wall hangings with a few swipes of the scissors.

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