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Quilt Blocks for Hippie Styles

Quilt blocks can be put on the front of an apron top, used as an add-on pocket, or patched onto the side of a skirt. Adding a quilt block to any piece of clothing can give it a whole new look. Learn how to make quilt blocks to add cute designs to any patchwork project.

Library of Quilt Block Patterns
Our Guide to Quilting has a very long list of all sorts of quilt blocks for you to try. My favorites? Pinwheels, Log Cabins and Jacob's Ladder. They're all easy, take just a few scraps of fabric and are fun to try.

Quilt Block Introduction: How to Make Four-Patch Quilt Blocks
We usually categorize patchwork quilt blocks by gridded arrangement of their patches. With a little practice, you'll instantly recognize any type of patchwork block layout. From your Guide to Quilting

Iron Your Quilt Blocks for Easier Stitching
The extra step of pressing your quilt blocks with an iron will make them much more easy to sew into your clothing. Our guide to Quilting has the story.

Scrap Quilt Block Photo Gallery
Take a look at this gallery of quilts to get an idea of what some of your finished quilt blocks can look like. What a great way to get inspired.

T-Shirt Quilt Photo Gallery
It's true, you can stitch together a quilt made of t-shirts. What a great way to recycle your favorite logo and keepsake t-shirts. Here, some About.com viewers show off some quilts they have made from old tee's.

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