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Gothic Choker

Easy ways to make a gothic necklace


Gothic Choker

Embellished Ribbon Choker

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I have gotten a few questions on how to make a gothic choker. These are so easy, because ribbon often looks so fantastic with gothic-themed style.

The Basics
Get a piece of black ribbon that is twice as long as what you need to go around your neck. This way, you will have an elegant bow at the back. Simply tying this ribbon around your neck will give you a base for any gothic choker.


  • At your local craft store, you can find many varieties and colors of lace. A strip of lace that is thinner than your black ribbon will look good if you stitch it in place down the center.

  • You can find lots of forgotten pendants at the thrift store, and these are fantastic for attaching to the center of your ribbon. I love to use cameo's for this purpose because they lend a Victorian tone.

  • Find a chain from a necklace that you don't use anymore, Attach charms all along the chain, and then carefully stitch the chain to the ribbon. To do this, use black thread to sew just a couple of stitches around the chain, then tie off. Repeat ever couple of inches to attach the chain.

Do you need any help making a gothic choker? Have a tip to share? Visit the DIY Fashion message board and I'll answer your questions.

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