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Save Money by Mending and Altering Your Clothing


Mending and altering your clothes means that your wardrobe will last longer and fit better. Doctoring your clothes is a snap with our guide to fixing and tailoring.
  1. Fix Damaged Clothing
  2. Tailor Clothing to Fit
  3. Recycle Old Stuff into New Style

Fix Damaged Clothing

With the power of DIY knowledge, you may never have to throw away damaged clothing again. You have it in you to save money and look great.

Tailor Clothing to Fit

If you know how to adjust your clothing to fit you, then your possibilities for fashion success are endless. Fitting a piece of clothing often means adjusting a seam or hem. Once you learn to re-sew these basic elements of your outfit, tailoring will be a snap.

Recycle Old Stuff into New Style

T-Shirt Surgery Dress

Free projects to renew your wardrobe with recycled DIY fashion.

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