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How to Place and Sew Girl Scout Badges


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How to Place and Sew Girl Scout Badges
Placing and Sewing Girl Scout Badges

Placement of Girl Scout Badges

Rain Blanken
Congratulations, you've earned some badges, girl! Even adding your troop numbers and other basic insignia is a special honor... you're a Girl Scout with some sash flash to show off!

Before you start stitching, let's look at where the badges go. Luckily, the Girl Scouts of America have put together some easy charts to help you out: Insignia Placement. This is very important, because misplaced insignia can crowd out those you will need to add later. It's no fun ripping stitches and restitching patches.

Along with the placement chart, you'll need a needle and thread, or a sewing machine. Let's take a look at hand stitching.

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