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How-to Paper Mache Mask


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Prepare the Paper Mache
how-to paper mache mask

Tear long strips of paper and mix up the flour solution.

Rain Blanken
Mix your flour and water together in the large bowl. Stir it up well, but it doesn't have to be perfectly blended.

Rip a few pages of newspaper or magazine pages. I like to use all those coupon papers that come in the mail. If you are having trouble ripping the strips of paper, try rotating the paper 90 degrees. It's much easier to rip nice long strips of paper when you are ripping along the grain.

If you are using glossy coated pages like in a magazine, then you'll have to soak each strip a few seconds longer in the flour solution.

The number of paper strips depends on the size of the face you are making a mask on. It's better to have more than you think you'll need.

Next we will prepare the face.

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