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Make a Feathered Mask - Feathered Mask Tutorial


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Start at the Top
Make a Feathered Mask

Start layering feathers at the top most points of the mask.

Rain Blanken
Begin gluing the feathers at the top most points of the mask, and work your way down. You can use long feathers like I did to create high points at the ends.

Using large feathers at the tips can make your mask look larger than it really is. Consider what kind of mask you're going for before you start to glue.

Use just a dot of glue for each feather. If you have all of your feathers laid out and ready to attach, go ahead and draw a line of glue to quickly attach feathers in succession. Remember to start at the top and layer the edge of the next feather over the last.

Next, we will add feathers across the top...

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