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Dinosaur Masks to Print

Silly, creepy and printable dinosaur masks to cut, color and decorate.


Kids latch onto dinosaurs like a T-Rex with a new pet goat. Dinosaurs inspire wonder and jump-start the imagination. Use these printable dinosaur masks to teach about the many different varieties of dinosaurs, or just for some freaky Friday night party fun. I'm wearing one right now!
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T-Rex MaskTyrannosaurus Rex MaskTriceratops MaskTriceratops MaskIguanodon MaskIguanodon MaskParasaurolophus MaskParasaurolophus Mask
Velociraptor MaskVelociraptor MaskStegosaurus MaskStegosaurus MaskAnkylosaur MaskAnkylosaur MaskApatosaurus MaskApatosaurus Mask
Archaeopteryx MaskArchaeopteryx MaskHadrosaur MaskHadrosaur Mask

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