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Homemade Stain Removal

Out, Darn Spot! Learn how to make stain remover and how to treat particularly tough stains. Just follow these recipes for stain removers and stain removal tips.
  1. Stain Types and Removal
  2. Removing Specific Stains

Treating Similar Stains
Your mom was a regular scientist in the laundry room, and you should be, too. Learn the difference between protein, tannin, and oil-based stains and how to treat them. These and more stain types from our Guide to Laundry.

Mystery Stains
What the heck is that? If you don't know what a stain is, then how can you treat it? Learn how to identify just what you've been eating with our Guide To Laundry's Mystery Stain solutions.

Save Money in the Laundry
The laundry is like the mail. It never stops! That doesn't mean you have to add cash to your whites. These tips from our Guide to Laundry will show you how to save money in the wash.

Five DIY Stain Removers
Dish soap, vinegar, baking soda and more. Learn how to use these items you already have around the house to remove those stubborn stains. Your Guide to Frugal Living shows us how.

Use Vinegar to Remove Stains
Wine stains, grease stains, grass stains...vinegar can knock them all out! Your Guide to Frugal Living will show you how to maintain your clothing with this natural solution.

Homemade Bleach Alternative
Learn how to make bleach alternative at home. Get this recipe for saving money from your Guide to Frugal Living.

How to Remove Beer Stains
I'm not assuming anything, girls, but you may need this. Learn how to remove beer stains with vinegar and water. Our Guide to Housekeeping shows us how.

How to Get Out Coffee Stains
Personally, I'm a coffee fiend. I also eat like a preschooler. Good thing our Guide to Housekeeping can show us how to remove coffee stains.

Remove Glue and Sticker Stains
DIY Divas like us use lots of glue in our projects. Our Guide to Housekeeping will show us how to use petroleum jelly and ice to get rid of sticky outfits.

How to Remove a Gas Stain
Pumping gas has it's hazards. Learn how to use baking soda to remove a gasoline stain, from our About.com Guide to Housekeeping.

How to Make Borax Laundry Booster
Learn how to make natural laundry booster, from your About.com Guide to Frugal Living.

Dryer Max Dryer Balls: Product Review
Your about.com Guide to Frugal Living reviews the Dryer Max Dryer Balls. They are supposed to reduce drying time and eliminate the need to use chemical softeners. But do they really work?

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